Live Dealer Blackjack Philippines

Among the myriad of online gaming options available, live dealer blackjack has emerged as one of the most sought-after experiences, combining the thrill of a land-based casino with the convenience of playing from the comfort of one’s own home. The Philippines, renowned for its vibrant gambling scene, has embraced this trend wholeheartedly, offering a remarkable array of live blackjack casinos that cater to the preferences of local and international players alike. Live blackjack Philippines has revolutionized the way people enjoy the classic card game. Unlike traditional online blackjack, where computer-generated software controls the gameplay, live dealer blackjack Philippines offers an immersive experience by introducing real human dealers who interact with players in real-time. This innovative concept employs cutting-edge technology to stream high-definition video from purpose-built studios or even land-based casinos, allowing players to engage in authentic blackjack games with professional dealers from anywhere in the world.

Live Blackjack Casinos in Philippines

The Philippines has become a hotspot for live dealer blackjack, attracting a diverse range of players seeking top-notch gaming experiences. With a robust gambling industry that is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), the country offers a safe and secure environment for both local and international players to indulge in their favorite card game.

Join us as we delve into the vibrant realm of live blackjack casinos in the Philippines, exploring the best venues, the captivating gameplay, and the numerous benefits that await both seasoned players and novices alike.

Rules of Live Blackjack

Beginning a game of live dealer blackjack is quite straight forward. To play live blackjack Philippines all you need to do is access the casino tab in the menu of your selected online casino. Then, navigate to the live dealer section. You will find live dealer games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. Choose live dealer blackjack to join the game lobby.

  1. Live blackjack is easier than it appears. The game moves into “place your bets” mode when players have taken their seats. In the next section, you will find out step by step how to begin playing with some basic blackjack rules.
  2. Players place bets to begin the game.
  3. Live blackjack dealers deal with the cards. Players and the dealer get two cards. The live blackjack dealer deals with a face-up card and a face-down card.
  4. Every value of blackjack cards from 1-10 is face value. Kings, Queens and Jacks have a value of 10. The ace can count as either 1 or 11. Card suits have no meaning in blackjack.
  5. Players of blackjack decide if they want to hit, stand, surrender, double down, or split.
  6. The blackjack live dealer is the last one to play. They should stand on 17-21 and hit on 16 or less.
  7. Players emerge if their total is higher than the dealer’s or have 21 or less when the dealer surpasses 21.

Gameplay in Live Blackjack

  • Stand: You can choose to stand if you do not want to change your hand. In that case, the turn goes t the next player. A sum of 17, 19, and 20 are occasions when a player should stand.
  • Hit: Hit is almost the opposite of stand. If a player hits they receive another card which may or may not improve their hand’s value.
  • Split: If a player gets a pair they can split the cards. If a player places a bet and receives two kings they can split. By placing another bet they can get two separate hands with a king. It is generally a good idea to split aces.
  • Double Down: The double down option is possible with the first two cards players get. To double down is to place another bet and get a new card. Players can not hit again no matter the card value they get after doubling. Experts suggest doubling down the value is 10 or 11.
  • Surrender: If the player’s risk of losing is high they can surrender. Players can also leave the game with half of their initial bet with this option.
  • Insurance: Insurance is a side bet you can place when the dealer shows an ace. If the dealer has received a blackjack it ensures your hand and saves you money.

Live Blackjack vs Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack

  • Utilizes random number generators (RNG). This is what makes it resemble real-life blackjack.
  • It is more difficult to go into a hot streak since the shoe shuffles decks in the shoe between ever. hand.
  • Live dealer tables in comparison have a strategic play.

Live Dealer Blackjack

  • Live dealer blackjack has a real-life dealer.
  • You play live blackjack at a physical table.
  • The blackjack game is available via live-stream.
  • Six to eight-deck shoes deal with physical cards. Although, you use digital chips to bet, and you hit, stand, double down, or split by clicking.
  • You can interact with the dealer and others through a chat feature.
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Advantage of Live Blackjack

Real time games with a live dealer
Players can enjoy their favourite table game in real-time. This is one of the greatest advantages of live blackjack. They can witness the realistic gaming experience with a live dealer. It is easy to follow the game and observe the actions of the blackjack live dealer.
Live casino games any place and any time
Playing online is effortless and players are enjoying accessible games from their homes. It saves time and there are no travel expenses. The attractive blackjack with live dealers who conduct the games in real time makes a genuine experience. It is possible to play many live dealer games on the go thanks to innovations in the casino industry. You can load games on your tablet or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection.
Live tables instant access
At live casinos, you can play immediately without needing to wait to get a seat. Software companies offer games with various hosts. For this reason, it is always possible to play your favourite blackjack game. Live blackjack versions will let you bet behind players who have joined. It means virtual players do not need to wait to start enjoying their favourite game.

Main Types of Live Blackjack Philippines

Common Draw B2.lackjack

In common draw blackjack, all players share the same hand. Yet, the player’s decisions are independent. It makes things easier to manage while keeping the appeal of live blackjack.

Perfect Blackjack

The house edge if you use the perfect blackjack strategy is approximately 0,5% and the RTP 99,5%.

VIP Blackjack

In common draw blackjack, and all players share the same hand. Yet, the player’s decisions are independent. It makes things easier to manage while keeping the appeal of live blackjack.

How Live Dealer Blackjack Works

Online blackjack Philippines used to only be available on animated real number generators (RNG). Now you can play impressive blackjack live dealer games. You will play with a trained dealer using real cards on a genuine table. The smart technology overlays graphics so that you can select a seat and play. You play in real time on your device. You play along as you would in a normal casino, and chose to hit, stand or split. You can place popular side bets like perfect pairs in boxes. It is normal for the dealer to welcome you to the table when you join. You will also have the choice of interacting with the dealer via live chat.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software converts live dealer’s actions during live blackjack games. Cameras let the OCR follow card symbols in the game. Live casino studios rely on cameras to ensure a high definition of graphics. It is a smart way to convert actions into information. The Game Control Unit is an important element of the live streaming process. It allows dealers to conduct each game. Monitors play a big part in the realistic experience of live casinos.

Live Blackjack Betting Limits

Betting limits are set according to online casino’s risk profiles. Blackjack is likely to have minimum and maximum bets. That is because the house edge is smaller for blackjack than other casino games. Operators willing to take greater risks are more ready to accept higher maximum bets. Less-known sites might have conservative maximum betting limits. It covers them in case of huge potential payouts.

Table limits define casino table games minimum and maximum bet. The table limits for gambling are set to protect the casino. It helps them avoid paying out unsustainable winnings. They also help operators abide by responsible gambling initiatives. It helps to protect vulnerable customers. Players who indulge in high stakes favour online casinos with big table limits.

Live Blackjack Tactics

Using a basic strategy will help you get the most out of blackjack. Basic blackjack strategy means you will learn when to hit, stand, split or double down. It will help you increase your chance of winning.

For example, you should stand if you have a hard 17 or soft 18, 19 or above. If your hand is a total of 11 or fewer, you should hit. Hitting is also best if you have a soft hand. Splitting is a bit more difficult. As long as you have a pair of 10s, 5s, 8s, 4s, or 1s, you can split. If your hand value totals 9 or 11 it is time to double down.

Insurance bets are advisable only when you have mastered the game. When you place an insurance bet, you are betting that the dealer’s face down card has a value of 10.

Live Blackjack Payment Methods

When you decide to play live blackjack you need to start by registering your account. Then, you need to deposit money to play with. Make sure the online casino you play with has a deposit and withdrawal method which works for you.

You can use GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, Visa, Mastercard, and other credit cards in most live blackjack online casinos Philippines. They are very convenient. Credit cards are often accepted as deposit methods but not withdrawal. You will need to choose a different payment method for withdrawal.

If you do not want to use your credit card, you can use a prepaid credit card. Many real money blackjack casinos offer this payment method also. Prepaid cards like Paysafecard are easy to reload.

Neteller is an e-wallet solution. It is a popular choice. State-of-the-art technology ensures safe deposits and withdrawals.

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Mobile Live Blackjack

If you have never played live games on mobile you might be wondering how it works. you can play live casinos on any mobile device. Android and iOS are popular, but despite the operating system you can play via a browser. Many in-browser solutions exist made by developers. Because of this, you can access games from any device. The adoption of HTML5 format for game creation makes this possible. Mobiles with iOS or Android have other solutions. You can download apps, and the apps are free. Games have the latest interface and you can expect an amazing gambling experience.

Live Blackjack Software

Live Blackjack Software

  • Evolution Gaming:

    Provides world leading excitement on desktops, smartphone tablets and even TV. The live gaming titles available are the largest selection in the business. They are among the few providers who have different sections in the studios. You can see this in their live blackjack tables.

  • Playtech:

    PlayTech is one of the foremost gaming PlayTech’s live offerings show the quality and experience that the company has. It has developed a new live dealer studio supported by a new, dynamic interface. The PlayTech live experience came from data-driven research. It makes the experience intuitive and easy to control.

  • NetEnt:

    NetEnt Live markets itself as players’ favourite NetEnt markets itself as a favourite among players. Their live games look good even on small screens. You can play on Android and iPhone devices without any problems.

Live Blackjack Tips

  • Do not take insurance. Insurance bets are horrible in statistics in most cases.
  • Bankroll management in live dealer blackjack is one of the most important things. It insures minimal loss during cold streaks.
  • Take advantage of free live blackjack bets. Casinos offer free bets so that you can try blackjack games. You do not risk losing anything if you take advantage of free bets.
  • Don’t bet behind. There are a limited number of seats in live dealer blackjack like in land-based casinos. There is a maximum of seven seats. You do not need to make hand decisions in this situation, you only need a player or several players to bet on. Bet behind might be advisable if you want action in cases of limited seats. But, you will not have control over the situation.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and Promotions

  • Welcome Blackjack bonus:

    Most of the best online blackjack casinos offer welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses attract new players to sign up at casinos. The most common welcome bonus gives players extra money when they make the first deposit.

  • Reload Blackjack bonus:

    The reload bonus is another common bonus. Any deposit after the first deposit is eligible for a reload bonus.

  • Cashback Blackjack bonus:

    Cashback bonuses add money to players existing funds. Players can use the cash back bonus to start a game of blackjack. Casinos issue cashback bonuses for players’ net losses over a week. They credit a small percentage of the losses from weekdays to the player. It can be between 10%-20%.

How to Get Your Live Casino Bonus

  • Select the casino of your choice, there is no reason why you should not select the best.
  • Read through the terms and conditions. It is worth finding and reading through even if might be difficult to find at many online casinos.
  • Choose a bonus or promotion. Read about the bonuses and promotions you come across before accepting. Reading them will prepare you for what exactly to expect.

FAQ: Live Blackjack Casino in Philippines

When you play real money live dealer blackjack you need to find a casino that offers live games. create an account at the casino to play live blackjack.
You can play with Gcash at live blackjack casinos for Philippine players.
Live dealer blackjack games do not require you to download any software most of the time
Most live blackjack dealers use English. It is also possible for live dealers to use other languages.
It is possible to talk to the live dealer when you are playing live casino games. To do this you can type in your message in the chat box.
Live blackjack is also available to play for free in some casinos. If you want to play live blackjack for free all you need to do is start a game without needing to sign up.
You can play the best live blackjack casino games can for free at some online casinos.
The odds are a bit different for regular online blackjack. The odds of live blackjack are somewhat better.