Black Jack Basic Strategy

Filipino casino players have embraced blackjack for its better returns and the challenge it presents. Every game of skill requires some strategies that lead players closer to winning, hence the many blackjack strategies available online for beginners and those looking to better their games. A good black jack basic strategy tells you all the best moves to make so that when you master it, you can maneuver like a pro, even when playing with some of the best in the game. This article discusses the best black jack strategy for players in the Philippines, including when to Stand. Hit, Double Down, Split, and Surrender.

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What is Blackjack Strategy?

Players do not win at online blackjack Philippines games of skills by merely trying out their luck as you would with slots. You will need basic skills and card knowledge, card counting, and when to make a move that will bring you as close to 21 as possible. This is where a basic strategy blackjack helps as it teaches what the cards signify and at what stage of the game you can make a move to counter the dealer’s hole card. A basic blackjack strategy is easy to follow as it looks at what a new player needs to know to play at the table with the bigger boys and girls and what seasoned players can do to improve their game. A proper strategy of blackjack has something for everyone, and it has seen players improve their skills tremendously.

Start with Basic Blackjack Strategy Knowledge

Some of the most basic blackjack rules players need to know before getting started to include the goals for the game. Your aim is to reach 21 before the dealer and your fellow players. You will be dealt two cards at the beginning of the game, and each face-up, so you can see what your competition is holding. The dealer retains two cards too, but one will be face-down and could be the game’s determinant. The blackjack basic strategy here is to look at what cards you have and how they can lead you as close as possible to the goal – 21.

Here’s a basic blackjack cheat sheet:

  • Get your cards and sum up their value.
  • Look at what the dealer is holding, and at this point, assume the hole card is an Ace.
  • Know the value of your cards. All face cards are worth their face value, while King, Queen, and Joker are 10s each. Ace is either worth 1 or 11, depending on the value of the accompanying card.
  • The standard value of a bet is 1.5x your total bet, though some casinos may offer different RTPs.
  • The four moves available depending on your cards are Stand, Hit, Split, and Double Down.

Once you know these values, you can make your moves without going bust since that happens when you go over 21.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Most blackjack variations follow the same basic rules: the goal is to get to 21 without losing to the house. The main differences in strategies are observed on soft 17 and how to move when you have an Ace and a card valued above 6. The rest are all the same, with players being warned about taking out insurance, which is only advised under dire conditions.

Here’s a blackjack strategy table for card values and possible moves:

  • Hit or Stand: Your first two cards are 3 and 7, making 10. You can do nothing – Stand so that your final score is 10 – and pick another card – Hit – to get close to 21.
  • Split: You are dealt two cards of the same value, say 8s, that add up to 16. The chances of busting if you Hit are almost guaranteed, so the best choice is to split the cards and play two hands of the same bet value.
  • Double Down: If after receiving your cards, you are confident you could beat the dealer, you can choose to double your bet by up to 2 times.
  • Surrender: Your cards are terrible – they add up to 16 – and the dealer has an Ace or 10 as their up-card. You can reclaim half of your bet while the dealer keeps the other half.
  • Insurance: The dealer’s up-card is Ace or 11, and you are shaky in your belief of winning. You are allowed to place a side bet that will reduce your losses should the dealer win. You want to be careful of taking insurance as they are sure losses for the player in the long run, and a dealer is not guaranteed a win just because they have Ace for their value card.

A player has a 12-16 – this is a stiff card, as a Hit could lead to a bust.

You have a total value of 17 – You could bust your hand if you Hit, so the best decision is to Stand. 17 or better is also referred to as a Pat hand. The dealer has a Pat hand with 7 – Ace.

  • If the dealer’s up card is 2-7, they have a stiff hand, and if you both have stiffs, your best decision would be to Stand.
  • You should Hit if you have a stiff hand and the dealer has a Pat.
  • Split cards of the same value and also split Aces and 8s.
  • If you have an 11 and the dealer’s face-up card is between 2-10, then Double Down.
  • If the dealer has 7-Ace and you 12-16, Hit.

You will improve your game immensely if you master this simple strategy by applying it regularly. Most casinos have free games that players can use to improve their strategies and games to make it easier to use these strategies when playing with pros on tables for real money blackjack Philippines.

Other things that will make up a blackjack strategy include promotions that casinos give for playing the game or depositing funds for the first time. If you get a bonus, you would be wise to take advantage of it as it stretches your Pesos. You also want to look at house edge, typically 0.5% to 1% at most sites. These two allow players to remain within the set strategy while using legal loopholes to improve their chances of winning.

In the world of live dealer blackjack Philippines, players have the advantage of utilizing strategic gameplay to enhance their chances of success. Whether you prefer basic strategies like blackjack card counting or more advanced techniques, such as optimal betting strategies, live dealer blackjack provides the perfect platform to implement and refine your skills. With real-time interaction and observation of the dealer’s actions, players can employ their preferred blackjack strategies and make informed decisions to maximize their potential winnings.

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Blackjack Perfect Strategy

Although blackjack strategies are the same, there are a few differences when you move to different variations. The main objective remains to get to 21 and not over the number before the house, so your game will be geared toward that. The main difference is how the dealer acts when they hit soft 17.

When the dealer has Ace-6, they are on 17, and some variations will demand that they Stand. House edge increases when the dealer hits soft 17 because it increases their chances of getting closer to Blackjack (21). If they stand at soft 17, they cannot improve their hand, effectively lowering the house edge. A player can surrender if the dealer has a good hand, and a Hit will not help the player’s hand. Surrender leads to the loss of half your bet value.

Blackjack Charts

Casinos use four to 8 decks of cards, and the more the decks, the higher the house edge. When playing with a single deck of cards, the house edge is 0.17% and moves to 0. With a double deck. 46%. The house gets 0.60% with four-deck cards and 0.64% when working with six decks. House edge moves to 0.65% with eight decks of cards: 0.65%

Some standard abbreviations and moves for a blackjack cheatsheet:

  • H – Hit
  • S – Stand
  • Dh – Double Down if allowed. Otherwise, Hit.
  • Ds – Double Down if allowed. Otherwise, Stand.
  • Rs – Surrender if allowed. Otherwise, Split.
  • Rp – Surrender if allowed. Otherwise, Split
  • Rh – Surrender if allowed. Otherwise, Stand.
  • P – Split
  • Ph – Split if Hit after Double Down is allowed. Otherwise, Hit
  • Ps – Split if Hit after Double Down is allowed. Otherwise, Stand
  • Pd – Split if Hit after Double Down is allowed. Otherwise, Double Down

4 – 8 Decks where the dealer is mandated to stand on soft 17:


4-8 decks when the dealer Hits on soft 17:

Hard 2345678910A
10 DhDhDhDhDhDhDhDhHH
11 DhDhDhDhDhDhDhDhDhDh

Single Deck Charts

The cheat sheet blackjack for a single deck game is quite easy to follow.

Dealer Hits on soft 17:

17 and aboveSSSSSSSSSS



Stands on hard 17


When the dealer stands on a soft 17

Double Deck Blackjack Chart

Blackjack Strategy Charts for 4 and 8-Deck

When dealer stands on soft 17

When dealer hits on soft 17

FAQ: Blackjack Strategy Philippines

It’s unwise to always surrender at the site of a bad hand when you can always Hit. You lose when you surrender too soon.
Because they add up to the worst number – 16 – and if you do not Split at that point, you risk going Bust. You can opt to Hit, too, if you would rather not Split, but you certainly want to check the dealer’s up-card first.
No. Actually, the best decision would be to Hit at soft 17.
Not necessarily, but it applies the same methodology. You are using the numbers per the chart to calculate the dealer’s odds of making a move that favors the house using the cards already dealt and what could be left in the deck.